A little bit about Oh Suzy-Q Designs

The story began sometime in the 1980's when my mom had her own business, painting wooden crafts and selling them at trade shows. She was always "crafting" in the basement, and coming up with things to sell for her side business. This churned an entrepreneurial spirit within me, and has been flourishing ever since I was a little girl!

I graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Management Information Systems. (I have yet to have a job where I used my degree!) It did, however, give me an increased knowledge of computers, allowing me to teach myself the design programs that I currently use for my business today.

After having my first child in 2006, I decided I wanted to start my own business from home...something crafty and fun, that would be an outlet for me since I was a stay at home mommy. I purchased a design program and began teaching myself different "tricks" using my creativity.

The following year, I opened an etsy shop and the story has been unraveling ever since! I love what I do, and love coming up with new products and designs for my awesome customers. I can't wait to experience every chapter of this story, and what's in store for me and my business!

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